One Day at a Time

Please forgive me for the lack of posts.  I’ve no excuse other than my older kids being home with school closed and therefore more of my time being used up.  I’ve witnessed a variety of reactions to COVID-19 and the resulting quarantine we are all under.  For some, the result has been deep anxiety and panic.  For others, such as myself, I’ve been oddly calm.  The cancellation of school and all related activities has apparently been right up my alley.  I love homeschooling, extra time playing outdoors with my kids, and the general slowing down of life.  We’ve spent plenty of time riding bikes, playing in dirt, hiking, and doing puzzle and much less stressing about school mornings, getting to swimming on time, and my husband being stuck late at work.  We’ve no doubt been using screens more too but I find I’m not as worried about it because of all the other things we are doing too. 

It also helps that Spring finally sprung and wildflowers exploded all over our area.  I find Spring intoxicating and it does wonders to lift my spirits.  I was speaking to a therapist the other day about how much better I feel with a slowed down pace of life and warmer weather.  She kindly reminded me that I needed to find another way to recharge my batteries other than an enforced quarantine related to a worldwide pandemic.  Too true!  It’s sad that this is what it took to get me to slow down and recharge.  Advice noted and when this all passes, I will need to make some serious changes to ensure I don’t get so run down again. 

Not all is roses though.  I’m reminded daily, if not hourly, of the suffering going on in the world and all around us.  But for those of us with mental health challenges, I also know that I need to create a boundary for myself.  If I spend too much time reading the news or allow myself to get consumed by anxiety, I’m not going to be able to take care of my family.  It’s only a matter of time before this hits closer to home and our community.  We are prepared for that and take extra precautions to keep us all healthy.  In the end, all we can do is take one day at a time, and that is exactly what I am doing.

Stay safe all!

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