This Can Happen!

Recently (as in yesterday!) I participated in my first panel discussion with This Can Happen Events about mental health in the workplace.  The whole experience from start to finish was so exciting and I learned so much from the people I met along the way!  However, I am quite a nervous speaker and at the very start of the discussion, I literally felt my entire body shaking from anxiety – even my facial muscles seemed like they were twitching!  But as things went on, I settled down and was able to talk and answer questions. Phew!  Overall, I’d do it again in a heartbeat and I was so impressed by the quality of the other speakers in the conference, the topics covered, and the overall organization.  It was truly an honor to participate!

In addition to being fairly consumed with preparing for the conference, I started a new job and have been working a typical full-time schedule the past month, which is a massive switch for me!  However, the job is far less stressful, no 12-hour days, and I get to work with great people.  It’s been a great fit!

Seeing as there have been so many changes, I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of taking my medication so that I can be/do my best as things come up.  I must say last week was not a good one for me.  I missed my morning dose several times and could feel the restlessness and agitation coming creeping in.  I’ve been back on track for the past few days now but it was a painful reminder of how important it is for me not to get lazy and miss a dose here and there.  It’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes (no pun intended!).

Tomorrow I’ll be doing some prep for Thanksgiving – meaning I’ll be driving to the market to pick up the food!  But I’ve at least resolved to make a homemade pumpkin pie!  I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!  Hopefully I won’t post any stories about the turkey catching on fire, destroying any pots, or ruining any side dishes as I have in the past!



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